Friday, September 4, 2015


This morning I was busy working in my studio. It's easy to know when I'm back at work as every surface seems to have something on it. Oh, my!!! It took me a minute to locate my camera so I could photograph my 'work in progress'.

In any event, it's time to make more Fibre Lace Scarves for the Christmas Craft Fair in November. I surprised myself as I managed to put together two scarves that are ready for stitching and another one is almost done. With a few more yarns to be added to the layout, it, too, will be ready.

I found that last year, red combinations were popular. I realized I was short on various shades of red yarn, so during my overnight stop in Toronto (on my way back from Chicago in April), I purchased what I needed at Romni Wools!

Here's some of my bins of yarn. I've 'filed' the yarns by colour as it's much easier to find what I want. There are 10 bins of yarn on the floor of my room. Yikes!!

Work in Progress


  1. aah - Romni Wools - the mecca for yarn enthusiasts. I would love to go there with LOTS of expendable currency!! Your photos are beautifully colourful today - lovely.

  2. Thanks! Romni Wools is wonderful. I love roaming the downstairs bins as you never know what treasures are hiding there.

  3. I love seeing all that colour. The scarves look gorgeous.