Monday, December 30, 2019

Out with the old / In with the new

Christmas was a quiet one shared with family. Presents were opened on Christmas Day with our granddaughter exclaiming "Oh, my goodness" when she opened up the giant Lego set that she was hoping for.

We started bathroom renovations on Boxing Day!!! I'm the designated helper / cleaner-upper. You get the idea. Today, the old cabinet and sink went out the door. It will probably be a few days before the new one gets installed. I figure it will take awhile before everything gets finished.

The studio has been cleaned up after a very busy craft fair season. I won't be working at anything in particular for awhile.

Last week was one of semi relaxing. I did put this puzzle together and started another one. This one did not include a picture of the piece which made it a bit harder to do. It was one of those mysteries that you are suppose to solve by doing the puzzle. There was a short story and the answer to the mystery. I didn't bother with that part.

The stained glass poinsettias were a gift from my brother and sister-in-law in Newfoundland. Some of his work is at King's Point Pottery.

I am not one for making New Year's Resolutions but I am hoping to blog a bit more frequently in 2020. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Tree is Done!!

The Christmas Shows / Markets are finished for me this year! It's been a hectic fall. Thank you to everyone who commented on my art work and to those who purchased something from me. You are all awesome!

Well, the tree is up and decorated! Big job!!! I wasn't going to put tinsel on the tree this year but it was bare to me as I love lots of glitter. In any case, why break with tradition as I've always put it on my trees. Even as a child, I put it on one strand at a time.

Please note my gorgeous tree skirt. Made for me by my wonderful sister, Joan. This was a birthday gift a few years ago before we left Newfoundland.

I received a pre-christmas gift in the mail this week. What do you think of these!!! Apparently, my sister measured my cushions this summer with Christmas ones in mind.

Here are a few closeups of ornaments on the tree - before the tinsel was added.

Hand made by my friend, Marilyn in NL. Love this one!!
The stained glass ornament is one of three, made by my brother, Don, in NL. Gale made the snowman when she was living in Chicago (about 4 years ago).

 This cat is ancient. It must be at least 45 years old.

This one was made during a textile tour to England in 2008. We visited a local artist and did these.

I received this Temari Ball during an ornament exchange at the St. John's Guild of Embroiderers, years ago.

Enjoy! Hopefully I get back into the routine of posting more to the blog. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Count Down to Christmas

Saturday, I delivered a filled 'Wonky' Houses (my name for this pattern) Advent Calendar, to my granddaughter, Gale. Needless to say, most of the gifts didn't fit into the house pockets but that didn't matter. I wrote notes for those and put them in the pockets. A bag full of numbered presents to match the house numbers accompanied the wall hanging. Of course, the gift bag was put in her mom's studio to prevent peeking!!! Gale was very excited.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Dalplex Christmas Market

At Dalplex, Jill and I shared a 15' x 8' booth (you can see her in the 2nd. photo). Lots of glorious space for both of us !!!

My table layout is basically the same with a few minor changes. You can see scarves hanging on the rack behind the table as well as in front. Well, that's not going to happen at the next show as I sold four lovely pieces at this one. I have 8 Fibre Lace Scarves left for this year.

Art cards / envelopes made an appearance this time as I had forgotten about them. I finished stitching the embroidered flowers just before the show. Each background was hand painted and the stems / leaves were free-motion machine stitched to the background. The flowers came last.

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