Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Squash Squad Border / Studio Clean-up

There's lots going on here in the studio but not a lot to blog about. I did a major clean-up and disposed of 'stuff' that I've carried here from St. John's and still haven't used after years of looking at it. Of course, next week I'll be searching for the very thing I gave away! Typical!!!

See - this section of back wall is clean and tidy! Until the next project clutters it up again.

I have been slowly working on the border for Squash Squad. I was determined that it would be finished this year. I haven't stitched on the ribbon separating the nine blocks yet. That will probably be one of the last things I do before putting on the backing and binding. I have also been considering placing this on a canvas board. 

I'm hoping to start the vines this weekend.

I found some interesting Textile Artists over the last few days. Sit back, relax and have a look at these artists' work.

Enjoy and Stay Safe

Monday, February 15, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day

 A day late as I forgot to publish it! Darn!!!!

My granddaughter loves 'stuffies' as she calls all stuffed animals. She's never been one for dolls but has lots of stuffed creatures. Here's her Valentine stuffie bear. (we had a sleepover so she got this when she woke up)!

Tonight I also uploaded Lesson Two of Four, Garden Sewing Box, to the Virtual Threads group (Embroiderers' Association of Canada). They will have a busy two weeks.


Enjoy and stay safe!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Scrap Bucket

Last night, I took part in a two part zoom class with Canadian Quilter on Fire, Brandy Maslowski. This class was sponsored by the Mahone Bay Quilt Guild. Of course, I selected the fabrics needed for the first part of the class. Wouldn't you know it! Brandy decided to reverse the order and jumped to part two. Was I prepared? NOPE! I was going to rummage through my stash on Thursday to get ready for the class that night.

Since I was in my own space, I had access to all my fabrics. I wasn't interested in making a wine tote that was been demonstrated. Several others also decided to do their own thing. I made a scrap bucket, which is a free pattern from Heather Valentine, The Sewing Loft

My base fabric is a dyed piece with raw edge strips stitched onto it. I left some of the base fabric visible. The strips were stitched in place using black Superior invisible thread. Black invisible thread does not shine like the clear thread does. Free-motion stitching is randomly stitched over the strips of batik fabrics. I opted to not add decorative yarns, buttons, ribbons or charms.

Base fabric (actually has greens but photo shows up as greys and black)

 Strips stitched onto the base

Close-up of stitching

Different views of the bucket

Scrap Bucket from last year


Stay Safe

Monday, February 8, 2021

Squash Squad Wool Embroidery: On the Road to a Finish

In Early December 2020, I finished the embroidery for the Squash Squad nine week challenge with Sue Spargo.  Now, I'm on the road to finishing it. I have all the blocks on a black wool background with a three inch border around them. My first step is to stitch them onto the black background. Then a narrow braid / ribbon might be stitched along the seams to hide the edges. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing! The blocks were cut at 5 1/2 inches. If I was doing this again, the blocks would have been at least six - six 1/2 inches square, to give enough for trimming them all to the same size. I didn't think about the fact that stitching sometimes distorts the shape just enough to skew some of the blocks. At least that's what happened to mine. In any case, there isn't enough fabric to stitch them together with a seam.

Have a look. I'm using what I have on hand. Which one to use . . .

The first one has silver lines on the ribbon so has a bit of sparkle.

This one has white dots on black.

Maybe I'll even do something else as I haven't considered a final binding yet. (I just thought about the binding).


Stay Safe


Friday, February 5, 2021

My Portable Embroidery Organizer

Not that I needed another 'organizer' for my stuff! BUT . . .

I saw a free pattern on Sew Can She web site last month and decided to give it a try. The cut-out handles really sold me on this project! A bonus - the pleated pockets are large enough for my phone. AND the interior with its 6 interior pockets, is the perfect size for fat quarters. It's also easy to close with the magnetic snaps.

I choose some Japanese fabrics from my stash. These had been gifted to me many years ago by an elderly lady, whom I visited frequently. In fact, I inherited most of her sewing and quilting stash when she passed away. This sewing organizer will always remind me of Nina.

As I'm not one to follow all the rules (good or bad????)! I did change the type of stabilizer from a medium weight fusible interfacing to some Peltex (fusible one side) that I had on hand. I did not use the flex foam stabilizer (bought some to try but didn't). In any case, the sides were a bit thick. I did manage to sew the binding on by machine on the straight parts but hand sewing, using the wonder clips, finished the organizer.

I decided to do some free-motion embellishment on the fabrics. For the pockets I used Totally Stable and a variegated thread by Superior Threads. I think it added to the project.

I also used these neat wonder quilter's clips to hold the binding in place while it was stitched on.

I like the cut-out handles and they are so easy to do.

Magnetic closure
Lots of pockets: 6 inside and 6 outside.

I'm pleased with the result and not sorry that I used the heavier stabilizer.