Friday, September 29, 2017

Yarn Bundles!

Ooops! It's been a week since I blogged but that's what happens when you move. Unpacking takes over, as does having my granddaughter close by.  Not only that, I'm getting kits ready for the Espanola Fibre Arts Festival Workshop I'm teaching later in October.

I'm putting together 30 kits, some of these will be for sale at the Vendor's Market

Bundles of decorative yarns that were cut ages ago for the workshop

Here's some of the yarns laid out for the kits! Lots more were added to these.
30 bundles of yarn

One bundle
Now for a few links:

Friday, September 22, 2017

A Parting Gift!

Verna has created another unique temari ornament. She gave it to me as a going away gift. It presently sits on my new kitchen window ledge overlooking the back garden. Thanks, Verna, I love it. The stand is a perfect way to show it off.

Nova Scotia has an extensive recycling system. I know it's a good thing for the environment but do we need recycling bags with a fabric softener scent, or vanilla or mint?? As scent is an issue in my house, these are toxic. It was very difficult to find unscented ones. That's my rant for the day.

Monday, September 18, 2017

We Have Arrived!

Yesterday afternoon, we officially moved into our new home in Nova Scotia! It's hard to believe that it has finally happened. Lots of unpacking to do . . . I spent today getting the kitchen set up. There are lots of cupboards and lighting in all the right places. All the cupboard doors have pull out drawers which makes them perfect for storage. Tomorrow is another day of unpacking.

I will share photos eventually.

The first job will be setting up my new studio. That won't start until sometime next month. For now, I have to concentrate on preparations for the Needle Felting Workshop at the Espanola Fibre Arts Festival in Ontario.

Gale's purple mittens fit perfectly. She was delighted with them!
I do have a few things to share as soon as I find them in one of the boxes!


Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Moving day is getting closer! This weekend I'll be heading to my new home in Nova Scotia. Sure, I'll miss my friends, going to the quilt and embroidery guilds, and much more (NOT the wind) but I will be with family, especially a six year old. So new adventures are definitely in my future!

I was just reading that Heidi Wulfraat WoolWorks Studio will be opening soon in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. See, I'm not the only one off exploring new places. Have you seen Heidi's scrumptious yarns and felting fibres? Can't wait to visit their new location.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Batiks-Go-Retro Blog Hop

As most of my friends know, I love Batiks! I like their vibrant colours especially when using them for my stuffed starfish pincushions and hanging fish, (Pisci Fantasticus). Well, I just found Batiks-go-Retro Blog Hop which started today. It's interesting to see how different quilters are use this line of batiks.

Here's a tip:
When I designed these fish, I stitched on a tiny clear glass bead at the top of the fin. An invisible thread was then threaded through the bead, tied in a loop for easy hanging. No sewing required if thread breaks!

Pisci Fantasticus

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Off the Topic of Quilting or Stitching . . .

I'm sure most of North America has been carefully watching the weather systems down south. The storms are causing such destruction and are stronger than ever before. And some claim there is no global warming! Enough said.

It's been pouring rain here all day and into the evening. In fact, there is no sun in the forecast for most of the week. If I wasn't getting ready to move to another province, I would be in the studio, sewing or doing some embroidery. I did get another mitten almost finished tonight.

Here's the front of our house, taken in July. I'm so glad all the perennials need very little care as this is the first summer we have been home in years.

Hopefully, someone who likes to garden, will purchase our house. It's not on the market yet. It will be move in ready when it is.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, September 7, 2017


HOT!! That's what it was like here in St. John's today. Back garden thermometer registered 31C and that was in the shade. I don't know if it broke the record from 1948 or not. It's now 9:00pm and it's still 25C.

Several of my stitching group (we call ourselves the mini guild girls) took me out for lunch. Thank you so much. It was lovely. (I'm moving to Nova Scotia on the 16th).

My garden is still in bloom. According to the old wives tales, the abundance of dog berries, means a long, snowy winter. It's too early to even think of that since last winter was extra long and the dog berries were scarce. Go figure . . .

I've been slack sharing links these days but hopefully, when we move, I'll get back on track.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Finished - finally!!

Well, the purple mittens are finished! YAH! They are the first pair I've ever made. I've been knitting since I was seven (my Gran taught me to knit) and I've knit most everything else except socks (leave that to my sister, Joan) and mittens. There is enough wool left to do another pair as I found out when I weighted the mittens and then the leftover yarn. Digital food scales come in handy for lots of things. Info on the yarn HERE.

I wish every one a Happy Labor Day Weekend! If you are out and about, have a safe trip home. That means you, too, Joan.