Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Moving day is getting closer! This weekend I'll be heading to my new home in Nova Scotia. Sure, I'll miss my friends, going to the quilt and embroidery guilds, and much more (NOT the wind) but I will be with family, especially a six year old. So new adventures are definitely in my future!

I was just reading that Heidi Wulfraat WoolWorks Studio will be opening soon in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. See, I'm not the only one off exploring new places. Have you seen Heidi's scrumptious yarns and felting fibres? Can't wait to visit their new location.


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  1. Popped over for a visit at WoolWorks and readily admit to some drooling over those luscious yarns! I wish you all the best for a smooth move and that by this time next week you will be at least somewhat settled.