Monday, April 29, 2013

Hot Buns!

No, I'm not the bread maker but my brother is! He learned to make these delicious looking loves from our mother. I wish I was near him to have a loaf! I love the smell of fresh baked bread. On that note, here are a few projects that are bread related.

Vintage Crafts and More (remember these? - I do)
Rose Prairie Quilts (scroll down for Happiness is Homemade)
Stray Stitches Bread Basket (scroll down)
Red Work (scroll down for Spread the Love)
Bread Basket Liner

Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Snow

I guess you are wondering about the title! It's spring - has she gone bonkers! Not so. As I've said before, I often get ideas from reading other artists' blogs and web sites. Well, this post is about the art of Susan Brubaker Knapp of Blue Moon River. I have some of her teaching videos and book, Point Click Quilt. Instead of explaining about her piece, First Snow, please visit her site and read all about it. She wasn't permitted to share it until now. It's just beautiful!

Susan is a regular contributor to Quilting Arts Magazine and Quilting Arts TV.

My new book:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Yes, you read it correctly - Pom-Poms! Hurry over to Sew We Quilt for the beginning of another awesome blog hop called Shake Your Pom-Poms! Just when I was wondering what to post . . .

I guarantee you will get a chuckle when you see what one of the creative ladies made.

You will also find some other interesting photos for using pom-poms HERE.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It seems that hexagons in quilting are making a comeback! Every time I pick up a quilting magazine, I see them used in a quilt, place mat, bag or sewing project. I started doing a quilt with all hexagons about 42 years ago with leftover fabrics from sewing clothes for myself and my daughter. What did I know about using cottons! Most of the blocks were poly cottons! I just knew I liked the shape and I could do them by hand. My paper insets were not freezer paper but leftover cards from those ancient computers that filled a good sized room! At that time, I thought freezer paper was for wrapping up meat. By the way, the quilt never did get finished!

Now, with all my experience with textiles, using hexagons would be a whole different ballgame! Last summer I did purchase a plastic template for cutting out hexagons but so far, all I've done is put it with the other rulers and templates. I have been considering doing some hand embroidery on linen hexagons and using them in a table topper or try out some coasters or mug rugs. I'm still thinking about my project.

Anyway, here are a few links to get you better acquainted with hexagons:

Hexing Around the Block at Freshly Pieced
How to Draw a Hexagon
Hexagon Quilt and Hand Stitched Ball Tutorial at iHanna's Blog
Sew & Flip Hexagon Tutorial
Quilt As You Go Hexie Coasters
Hexagon Bag
Turtle Pincushion

Enjoy. . .


Monday, April 22, 2013

May 12 is Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is less than a month away so you do have time to whip up some small gift for mom, grandmother, or a special female in your life. I took my mom to visit her friend this past week. This friend was showing me photos of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She related a short story: one of the great-grandchildren was calling her granny the same as the older children. However, one of them said that she was the great-grandmother. The child thought about it for awhile. He had a  truck at home that was called the great big truck. So now he calls her, not great-grandma, but Big Granny! I got a chuckle over that one. That was a tad off topic but I hope you got a chuckle too on this bright, sunny Monday morning.

Now for a few freebies / tutorials to check out for some simple gifts to make.

Sew, Mama, Sew
One Pretty Thing
The Magic Bean
Fave Crafts
Sew Can She
Tip Junkie
Craft Buds
Blueprint Crafts
Sewn Up
Untrendy Life
All About You

I hope you find something.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quilts by Jen

I sometimes post to the Needle and Thread Network (if I don't forget)! This time, I noticed that one of the photos displayed a lovely bunch of coloured threads. Of course, been an embroiderer, I had to check them out. 

It was Technique Tuesday at Quilts by Jen from Ontario, Canada and The Thick and Thin of Thread, was the topic. After reading the post, I was curious, and decided to check out the rest of the blog. Each day of the week has a different theme which means a lot of dedication to writing and posting each day.

Story Time Monday
Technique Tuesday
Stash Blasting Wednesday
Cool Tool Thursday
Colourful Friday
Coffee Time Saturday
Inspirational Sunday

I know the amount of time involved in keeping a blog and finding topics of interest is often difficult to do. Sometimes they are triggered by something you read (like this post). So, get a cup of something and visit Jennifer's site! Also, have a look at the other bloggers who posted to the Needle and Thread Network. You won't be disappointed!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mug Rugs and More!

Mug rugs, small coasters, place mats, mini quilts and wall hangings are all great projects to make to practise your piecing, applique, embroidery and quilting skills. For example, choose a block pattern you would like to try and incorporate it into a place mat or mug rug.

You will find lots of inspiration HERE, and HERE.
Also check out the April Mug Rug Hop that just finished at Sew We Quilt or click HERE to see them all in one place. However it's interesting to visit each participant's blog or web site as you never know what interesting things you will discover.

Free patterns at All Free Sewing
More at Tip Nut and Patchsmith via Craftsy
Quilt finishing at Husqvarna
Basic Mug Rug Tutorial

I have a couple of previous posts on this topic. Check HERE and HERE.

Mother's Day is soon. Maybe these ideas might come in handy for mom!
Give it a try.
Enjoy the links!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring - I Hope!

Believe it or not, my crocuses are starting to bloom! It's a wonder considering the cold temperatures we have had this month. I had my summer tires installed on the car yesterday so I hope we have seen the last of the snow!

Here are some Spring projects to think about:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cabot Show & Tell

We had another wonderful Show & Tell at the Cabot Quilt Guild's April meeting. Take a look! A lot of batik fabrics were used in several of following quilted items. Can you tell which ones?

The appliqued birds are from fantasy fabric created in my March class.
The quilt with all the colourful hexagons and applique was entirely hand pieced and hand quilted. Beautiful work from everyone!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Luck of the Draw!

Well, my luck continues. Last month, at the Cabot Quilt Guild, I won the raffle draw, which included a book by Karen Griska called Quilts from the Selvage and some fabric. Last evening, I won another draw. In fact, when I put my name in I commented that "I would love to win those fabrics!" And guess what - I did! Isn't this a wonderful selection of batiks from Timeless Treasures - Blueberry Pie.

Here are a few pattern / projects using batiks:

Quilts and More
Batiks Etcetera & Sew What Fabrics
What to Make With Batiks
The Art of Batik
The Batik Braid Quilt Tutorial
Bali vs. Batik - What's the Difference?
Batik Quilts on Pinterest


Another one of my fish using batik fabrics

Friday, April 12, 2013

Some Good Market!

I will be participating in Some Good Market tomorrow! Have a look at the line of vendors - very impressive bunch. Drop by if you are in St. John's.

Some Good Market Goes to Town again! This time the market has expanded...two floors of fantastic vendors at Canon Wood Hall at the corner of Military Road and Kingsbridge Road. Some good stuff includes:

Mewfoundland Purrrfections
Who Knit You?
Foggy Rock Fibres
... Best Kind Bakeshoppe
Sealed With a Kiss
Brassy Lassy
April's Glass
PGP Photography
Britannia Teas
Five Brothers Cheese
Simply Handmade by Lana
Natalie Jewellery
Brindy Linen
Quidi Vidi Pewter
Trine Schioldan
Pedlar Press
ME Photography
Tara Knits
Le Doyen
Tickle Kids
Catherine McCausland
Janet Peter
Alexis Templeton
Stan Hill
Running the Goat
Sheila Ford
Olivia Canela
Because I Felt Like It
Fire Dove
Stephanie Crowley
Peter Sobol
Northeastern Folk Art
Blue Moon Pottery
Sarah Dawn MacCauley
One Bite at a Time
Newfoundland Original Hooked Rugs - Paula Flood
Graham Blair Woodcuts
Morgaine Parnham
Boulder Publishing
Newfoundland Labrador Bath & Candle Factory
Flower Hill Pottery
Judy Cooper  (That's Me) :)
Sum Sweet Fudge
The Newfoundland Vampire
John Andrews
Donaway Pottery
The Blue Box Pantry
Ruby J's Room
Nana's Bowtique
Shoreline Jewellery
ACW Tea & Coffee Canteen
and more including guest speaker from the Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Council at 11 am upstairs.
Some Good Market is also baby feeding friendly with a comfy room upstairs to rest for a bit :)

Admission $1 includes entry on door prize! Lots of parking!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trip Out of Town

Monday, I had the pleasure of visiting a friend's quilting studio. It took an hour and a half drive to  get there but it was well worth it! I was given permission to take photos and show them to you. The first thing I noticed as I entered the room, was this chair. The seat and back are made from selvage fabric strips. Apparently, other quilting friends saved some so that she would have enough. It was a great way to use those strips.

It was interesting to see the various wall hangings, fabric stash and various sewing machines. Needless to say, the space was well utilized. I can see spending most of my time in such a room!

Enjoy . . .

Design Wall


Thursday, April 4, 2013


Well, tonight, I did a very stupid thing. My finger got in the way of the embroidery machine needle! I still don't know how I did it - in too much of a hurry as usual. Anyway, I spent three hours at the emergency. First of all, the doctor couldn't find anything so he decided to send me for an x ray. I figured that would be the first thing to do. It showed the 2 cm needle shaft stuck in good. After several needles to deaden the finger, and much digging, it was finally out. My right index finger now has three stitches in it and lots of bruising. So much for trying to finish up projects.

Busy Busy!

I haven't been doing much writing lately! Studio work has been keeping me rather busy. I figured it was time to show you some of my production work.The first photo is a piece of fantasy fabric before any stitching was done. The faint black line shown around the bits and pieces of yarn, shows the size of my embroidery machine hoop. In the next photo, the stitching has been completed. I used Sulky Sliver threads to topstitch as it gives a lovely sparkle to the fabric. I forgot to take a photo of the fabric all stitched out with row houses, but the pins below are the result.

A bit of history:
St. John's, the oldest city in North America, was discovered by John Cabot in 1497 and was later claimed as the first permanent settlement in North America for the British Empire by Sir Humphrey Gilbert. It is known for its colourful downtown Row Houses. The vivid colours lend lots of brightness on dull, foggy days (we get lots of those here!).

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Student Work - Finished!

A couple weeks ago I taught my Fantastic Fabrics Workshop. It was a great day. In fact, I have to do another one on a weekend in May, to accommodate those who couldn't attend this one. Here are a few of the completed projects made from the workshop fabric. I provided the template for my Credit Card Holders and several students completed some from their fabric.

Evening Clutch for a Las Vegas Vacation 
Clutch opened

Journal Cover showing both sides. Note the hand stitching.
Three Credit Card Holders and a Sewing Kit.