Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quilts by Jen

I sometimes post to the Needle and Thread Network (if I don't forget)! This time, I noticed that one of the photos displayed a lovely bunch of coloured threads. Of course, been an embroiderer, I had to check them out. 

It was Technique Tuesday at Quilts by Jen from Ontario, Canada and The Thick and Thin of Thread, was the topic. After reading the post, I was curious, and decided to check out the rest of the blog. Each day of the week has a different theme which means a lot of dedication to writing and posting each day.

Story Time Monday
Technique Tuesday
Stash Blasting Wednesday
Cool Tool Thursday
Colourful Friday
Coffee Time Saturday
Inspirational Sunday

I know the amount of time involved in keeping a blog and finding topics of interest is often difficult to do. Sometimes they are triggered by something you read (like this post). So, get a cup of something and visit Jennifer's site! Also, have a look at the other bloggers who posted to the Needle and Thread Network. You won't be disappointed!


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