Monday, April 22, 2013

May 12 is Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is less than a month away so you do have time to whip up some small gift for mom, grandmother, or a special female in your life. I took my mom to visit her friend this past week. This friend was showing me photos of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She related a short story: one of the great-grandchildren was calling her granny the same as the older children. However, one of them said that she was the great-grandmother. The child thought about it for awhile. He had a  truck at home that was called the great big truck. So now he calls her, not great-grandma, but Big Granny! I got a chuckle over that one. That was a tad off topic but I hope you got a chuckle too on this bright, sunny Monday morning.

Now for a few freebies / tutorials to check out for some simple gifts to make.

Sew, Mama, Sew
One Pretty Thing
The Magic Bean
Fave Crafts
Sew Can She
Tip Junkie
Craft Buds
Blueprint Crafts
Sewn Up
Untrendy Life
All About You

I hope you find something.



  1. Hi Judy, this is Julia from FaveCrafts. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for this post and for spreading the word about FaveCrafts. Without readers like you, we wouldn't be able to grow and thrive. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and thanks again!

    1. You are welcome! Part of my goal for this blog is to highlight other sites as well as have a venue for my own work. Thanks for dropping by.