Thursday, March 31, 2016

UFO # 3

March is going out like a lamb! YAH!!! This has been a very cold month here on the east coast. I just hope I won't need to wear winter clothes much longer, especially this knitted Willow Cowl that was finished recently. It was started last summer.

This pattern is by Amelia Lyon. I used Alegria, hand-painted yarn, from Uruguay. It is a lovely yarn to knit.

This is UFO # 3.

Our Wednesday stitch group decided to challenge themselves to finish as many UFO's, started before 2016.  This is a selfie. I found that the best place to take the photo was in front of a mirror. That way, I could see what was in the camera screen.

Check out some knitting patterns below:

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to family and friends near and far. I hope your day includes CHOCOLATE!!!!

  • Check out the history of giving eggs at Easter HERE.  
  • If you are interested in making your own chocolate eggs go HERE.  
  • A video for making fancy hollow Easter Eggs 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Stuff!!

Yikes! Easter is this weekend. Since not blogging everyday, I lose all sense of time. The Provincial Wholesale Show was on Sunday and Monday. It was a good show. I participated in Cash and Carry which meant I had to have adequate stock on hand. I didn't do much of anything in the studio since then.

In honor of Easter, here are a few links to check:
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  Bunny Treat Bags


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bits & Pieces!! & UFO # 2

I hope you had a chance to view some of the shows on The Quilt Show this weekend. I managed to get a couple in but that was all. I spent today setting up for the Wholesale Show tomorrow as well as attend a lunch / lecture related to selling to the public.

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up my email accounts. Then tonight I realized that I hadn't been very prompt replying to some recent comments made on my blog. Of course, by that time, I had to go and reply on each post as the old emails were gone. So, in case you are wondering if that person ever responds to comments . . . yes, I do, but if you were missed, please check back on my past posts as I commented there. Does that make sense? GRIN - I hope so. Anyway, you are very important to me as I love receiving your comments.

Here's another UFO that was completed last week. A friend gave me this piece of Christmas fabric as few years ago. I thought it was about time to make it into a mug rug for next December. I did some stitching around the squares and rectangles.


Friday, March 18, 2016

International Quilting Weekend!

This is The Quilt Show's Free Weekend. You get a chance to view lots and lots of free shows from series 1 - 17. Over 220 free shows in all.
Have fun!!


Thursday, March 17, 2016


Today there have been lots of good cheer on Face Book celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I'm not Irish but I do like the colour GREEN, especially in the garden.  Here's a small piece of mine that the Craft Council of NL posted today. They were posting green items from the shop all day.

Back Yard

Monday, March 14, 2016


Awhile back, I posted a glimpse of a piece of sashiko that I had just finished stitching. Well, I'm not happy with the piece! Most of my stitching is fine. However, I had decided to put a stitched border around the pattern. Since this is an open weave fabric, the straight stitching is not straight. If I put this down on a table, my eye would always go to the edge of the piece.

I had a look at some other Sashiko pieces and discovered that none of them had stitched Sashiko borders outside the pattern. Instead, the stitching pattern came right to the fabric border.  This piece below has an inch navy binding around the edge (not visible here).

This little piece above has some straight stitched Sashiko that worked well. It was done on cotton and didn't distort when ironed and when binding was attached. 
This piece was destined for the discard bin!
I was ready to throw it out. Notice the stitching around the pattern. The pencil lines won't come out so removing the stitches isn't an option.

I did get a solution that I can live with. I will put another border on the piece and attach it right up to the pattern. Thank you, Verna, for that suggestion! At the moment, it will remain behind the studio door until I can tackle it again!

I will pay more attention to my next Sashiko project!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Making Fibre Art Pendants

I may not be as active lately writing this blog, but I have been busy. I have a few more Fibre Art Pendants ready for the wholesale market this month.

I used a white felt base and added other coloured bits of felt, wool roving and decorative yarns. This was then needle felted to hold everything together and free-motion stitched with Sulky Sliver Thread.

Linked up with Linky Tuesday (Freemotion by the River)

This is the start of the base fabric used in the pendants.

Finished base showing a tear drop pendant cut-out

Some of the finished pendants.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Temari Balls

Here's the latest photos of Temari Balls from Verna. She has been busy!!

Christmas Poinsettia

Trying something different!