Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bits & Pieces!! & UFO # 2

I hope you had a chance to view some of the shows on The Quilt Show this weekend. I managed to get a couple in but that was all. I spent today setting up for the Wholesale Show tomorrow as well as attend a lunch / lecture related to selling to the public.

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up my email accounts. Then tonight I realized that I hadn't been very prompt replying to some recent comments made on my blog. Of course, by that time, I had to go and reply on each post as the old emails were gone. So, in case you are wondering if that person ever responds to comments . . . yes, I do, but if you were missed, please check back on my past posts as I commented there. Does that make sense? GRIN - I hope so. Anyway, you are very important to me as I love receiving your comments.

Here's another UFO that was completed last week. A friend gave me this piece of Christmas fabric as few years ago. I thought it was about time to make it into a mug rug for next December. I did some stitching around the squares and rectangles.


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  1. An early start to Christmas making....good for you! We could all take a page out of your book!