Monday, May 20, 2019

Afternoon Tea by The Sea

For the last couple of months, I have been organizing the Mahone Bay Quilt Guild's 'Afternoon Tea by The Sea'.  For years, the guild has been having dessert parties, held in the evening. This year, they voted to have an afternoon tea with sandwiches and sweets. Of course, there is always a special guest.

The guild invites an 'Extraordinary Guest Quilter' to give workshops and have a presentation and trunk show. This year, Elaine Quehl, quilt artist, teacher, dyer and designer, from Ottawa, is our special guest. Elaine will be hosted by a guild member, taken to visit local businesses and introduced to the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Besides her presentation of work, Elaine is also bringing some of her patterns and hand dyed fabrics to sell. We look forward to her workshops on Thursday to Saturday.

Having moved to Nova Scotia a year last October, and been a new guild member, I felt that by volunteering to do this job, I would get to know the ladies in the guild. That has certainly happened as I'm working with a bunch of very friendly, helpful 'gals'! No one is too busy to answer questions or to meet with me to discuss procedures etc. Emails have been flying this week! I thank everyone very much.

Lots of ladies stepped up to volunteer for jobs: from getting donations from shops for gifts, working in the kitchen, greeting visitors, sending out memos, taking photographs, getting husbands to help out, making surprise table displays, setting up the tables, making sandwiches and sweets . . . the list goes on! Once everything is ready for the sit down tea, the quilters take their seats as their job is done and the Legion Ladies take over.

Stay tuned for an update on Wednesday's event!
Lots of gifts. The blue bag is full too!!!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Making Waves

Last evening was the opening of my daughter, Jill Cooper's, art exhibit at the DesBrisay Museum, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Making Waves - Jill's Artist Statement 

 I grew up on the edge of a fierce ocean. A turbulent, gobble you up in its cold expanse, ocean. Even with their dangers, these rough waters would sparkle, dance in the sun, and entice my 10 year-old self to join them barefoot on the rocky shore, despite the way it instantly numbed my feet from cold, even in the peak of summer. I couldn't stay away.

I'd perch on the shore with my notebooks, filled with cartoon sketches of my versions of Betty and Veronica, my head filled with National Geographic  Articles, and my ocean horizon spoke of possibilities; escape, change, and adventure. A windy, undulating expanse that led to new worlds far away from out tiny fishing village. I found freedom in the sea foam.

It was at the intersection of stone, sea, and sky that the seeds of my obsession to capture waves and women were planted. For me, seeing the connection between women and water was as clear as a blue sky. It's no surprise that these experiences led me to paint a series that reveals their spirits.

Bright and strong. Deep and powerful. Wild and unrelenting. Beautiful and mighty.

Are these features the water or the women? Both, of course.

There is something magical about blending paint so that it captures the translucent aqua of the sun streaked waves, a perfect glint in the eye of a woman who's gaze speaks volumes, and reveals the same energy shining forth from each of them. More than once, while creating this series of amazing women and natural beauty, I've felt the resonance between the two and it has deepened my gratitude for both, while filling me with excitement for the future. Just like those days as a barefoot girl standing in front of an endless ocean.

We are very proud of you, Jill!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sea'spired Wearable Art at White Point

Here is the 'social' post that was created for me for White Point Sea'spired Wearable Art Show. Each artist, who was invited to the show, gets their own poster to use on social media. If you are in the area on the Saturday before Mother's Day, drop by and say hello!

I also found out this week, that I have been accepted into the Windfall Fine Art & Handcraft Market, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, September 28 - 29, 2019. My daughter, Jill, will be sharing the space with me.

Fun times ahead!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Sea-Spired Wearable Art Show

White Point Beach Resort is hosting The Sea-Spired Wearable Art Show on the Saturday before Mother's Day. This is the first time such a show has been held at the resort. I was invited to attend and show some of my wearable Art pieces which include Fibre Lace Scarves, Fibre Art Pendants, Art Pins, Evening Purses and Card Cases.

I was also interviewed by Heather Laura Clarke from the Chronicle Herald. You can read it HERE


Saturday, April 6, 2019


Happy April! The weather is getting a bit warmer and we are having lots of sunny days. I've been making Shimmer Ornaments for customers in Newfoundland and they are ready to send in the mail.

Yes, that was the temperature on the back deck one day last week. It seems that we have a bit of a micro climate here in Pine Grove with all the trees around our property.

Today has finally been a partial work day. I caught a bad head cold this week and have been doing absolutely nothing since. Card Cases, in various stages of development, have been on my table for awhile.

Ready for free motion stitching with sparkly threads

Close up

Close up! Love the sparkly fabric

Ready to be made into card cases

Sunday, March 17, 2019

My Journey into the World of Textile / Fibre Art

Last Monday afternoon, I did a power point presentation as well as a Show & Tell of my art work at the Mahone Bay Quilt Guild. I focused on my journey of creating art from textiles and fibres. 

Below are a few of pieces that I had at the guild. To see some more, please check out the Mahone Bay Quilt Guild March meeting blog post HERE and some photos from my presentation on flickr HERE

I've been blogging since 2019 so most of my art pieces have been posted during this time.
Thanks for reading my posts. 

12 Days of Christmas

Hand stitching samplers

Sample Fibre Lace Scarve
Folded flowers with Sashiko stitching
Voyage of Discovery (50th anniversary for parents around 1997)
Evening Purse with removable brooch

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Birch Trees

I have another miniature piece finished. Needing a quick name, I've called it Birch Trees. Yes, very original, I know, but something else might pop into my head. I'm open to suggestions. In creating art, I find that coming up with an appropriate name,is  the hardest thing to do. I don't want something corny.

The trees and rocks are hand appliqued in place. Check HERE in a post from a few years ago (scroll down) to find out how I created the rocks for using in my pieces. The daisies were first hand stitched onto Aqua Magic water soluble fabric, spritzed with water and left to dry then stitched on the background fabric. The lupines were free motion stitched onto purple organza. French knots were used for the dandelions and tiny forget me knots.

Below is the piece before adding the extra flowers. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

Summer Garden

On such a winter's day, I'm wishing for summer heat and of course, lots of flowers! Here is my latest small embroidered piece, Summer Garden. The fence is a snippet from a photo of my mom's garden from many year's ago. The opening is 4.5" x 4.5" and the mat will fit a 10" x 10" frame.

Maybe I'll do some trees in my next one . . . 


Thursday, February 21, 2019

11 Flower Gardens Finished!

Oh, dear, I have been a bit slack posting this year so far! But, I have been working. Here are eleven small pieces that are finished. The backgrounds have to be touched up with the iron. New photos will be taken as I want to turn some of these into prints.

These will be matted to fit an 8" x 8" frame. The actual opening is 5" x 5". All my small gardens have a few dandelion flowers embroidered in them. When I was a child, I would pick them in the grass and bring them to my mother. I can hear her now: 'Oh, Judy, these are lovely'. I also remember that they never stayed long in the house either!!

  • QuiltCon 2019 is opened in Nashville, Tennessee this weekend. You can see the winning  quilts HERE   

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Work in Progress

I've been working on some Flower Gardens that will eventually be framed. These are a bit bigger than the framed 5" x 5" ones previously created. So for the past few days, creating the bits and pieces needed for these small art pieces, from threads and organza, have taken up a chunk of my time.

In this photo, I've hooped green organza and free motion stitched small irregular pieces to use as foliage.  I do like the spring action hoops for quick release. These can be purchased quite inexpensively. I believe, mine came from Wal Mart.

I use trays to put project pieces on. As you can see, some of the tools needed are in easy reach. Besides that, I can carry them from room to room, depending where on where I wish to work.

Cut out stitched pieces from organza

Small flower pots were drawn on fabric, stitched, cut out and machine appliqued to a background.

I put a temporary mat over the background to give me a boundary for working. As you can see, some of the pieces are already stitched to the background. Some applique pins are holding a few other pieces in place that will get stitched tomorrow. Then the hand embroidery begins.
I will post about the finished pieces when they are completed. Stay tuned! Check out HERE how these came to be created.

On another note, I joined the Mahone Bay Quilt Guild in September. They have a great web site that goes back quite a number of years. Grab a cup of something and check them out HERE


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sparkle Sock Yarn and other 'Stuff'

I visited the Alderney Farmer's Market, Dartmouth, on Saturday. Jill, my daughter, was set up there from 8 am - 1 pm. There were lots of vendors, from food (vegetables, fruits, meats, baked goods, jams / pickles, breakfast items, coffee . . .) to clothing, jewelry, carvings, yarns and more.

I purchased some yarn with a hint of sparkle from Elegantly Twisted Yarns, owned by Andrea Hiscock and Connie Dolomount. Andrea is a fellow Newfoundlander, living in Dartmouth. Here's my purchase. The sparkle, called Stellina, doesn't show up here but it's gorgeous! Of course, I won't be knitting with it but cutting it up to use in my art work.


When organizing the studio last week, I found a few small projects / samples of work that I had forgotten about. Have a look:

Cross Stitch Quilt Block stitched about 20 years ago

From a workshop I took at the International Quilt Show, Houston, TX, 2001

Add caption

I have no idea at the moment what I will do with the about pieces but they are hanging on my design panel for inspiration. Maybe I will have a whopper of an idea.

In any case, here's more sewing / quilting ideas: