Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Artists at White Point Show & Sale

Last Sunday I attended Artists at White Point Show & Sale. 43 vendors from around Queens County and beyond, gathered at the Beach Resort to be part of the 7th annual show. Apparently, the number of visitors was way up from previous years. In fact, the tally of sales for the participating artists and creators, for this one day event, was an incredible $25,000.00.

A big thank you to the staff, especially Cathie Pincombe, of White Point Beach Resort, for hosting this magnificent event. Did I mention that it was free for vendors and visitors?

Also, thank you to those who stopped to say hello and to those who purchased something special for themselves or for someone else. It was a great day! Shimmer Ornaments were a hit.

Here's a few shots taken mostly from my table space. It was a busy day with lots of folks and I didn't get a chance to see other vendors until almost closing time.

Jill and I shared a backdrop. My scarves, her wall art

My table

My beautiful daughter hiding behind her necklaces. Each piece is a miniature of an original oil painting

Looking across the room from my table

Directly across from me

Side view of Jill's table

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  1. Of course your shimmers were a hit! I had no doubt whatsoever. Glad the show did so well.