Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Mask Pattern for you to try

Yikes! How did it get to be July 21st!!! Time sure does fly and I only go out when we need groceries or to visit family. Needless to say, this 'lock down' has made me realize how much time I've wasted out shopping and looking around at stuff that I don't really need. I have refined my priorities. Have you? Now that stores are opened, we do need to shop locally wherever possible and wear a mask.

When this 'lock down' started, my husband researched various masks to make. He found one that was designed by an American surgeon. This surgeon was not satisfied with the ones he was using and wanted the fabric away from his mouth and nose.

My husband sketched out a pattern from the doctor's site, for me to experiment with. Unfortunately, he forgot to save the link. As recommended on various mask making sites, Batik is the best fabric to use because of the tighter weave. There is a nose piece tab stitched on the top of the mask to hold a pipe cleaner (refer to diagram). The pipe cleaner is folded three times, cut to size and slipped into the tab. It moulds quite well to the shape of the nose.

I've had people comment on the mask because the fabric is away from the nose and mouth. You don't feel as claustrophobic as with some other masks.

As the mask is double, cut two pieces of the paper pattern. This mask is stitched on the top and sides so that there are no pin or stitch holes to allow anything to enter. I stitched the sides first and then joined them along the top (the same as if you were making an insert for a bag). Leave an opening for turning along where the nose piece tab goes. This opening gets stitched when sewing on the tab.

The pattern can be made in different sizes by making it larger or smaller.  You could also cut off the sharp corners and make them straight and then attach the elastic.
Cut two
Showing nose tab

Elastic goes over the head

Elastic goes over the ears

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Happy Canada Day / Memorial Day in Newfoundland

Happy Canada Day!

I would like to extend a Happy Canada Day to all my relatives and friends living outside this wonderful country of ours and to those of us who live here!
Enjoy your day wherever you are.
This little wall hanging is from the Spring / Summer 2011 edition of Fons & Porter's Quilting
My home province of Newfoundland, celebrates Canada Day, and the Battle of Beaumount Hamel.
On July 1st, the battle of Beaumont Hamel, was fought by the brave soldiers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. These men followed orders to go over the top at Beaumont Hamel, where the majority of them died or were injured. The Forget-me-not is a symbol of that regiment.
I took this photo of forget-me-nots on a walk in Bridgewater, NS, a couple of weeks ago.

Enjoy your day and stay safe in these troubling times.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

90 Stitched Circles - Instastitchwithsue

The 90 Day Stitch Sampler, with Sue Spargo, is finished! It was a delightful experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Each appliqued wool circle had its own unique design that was stitched with a variety of threads. Over 40 stitches were used in the sampler. 

The sampler ended with this little Bluebird:
Love the variegated thread. Note the Drizzle Stitch tail. This stitch gives a lovely dimensional look to the piece. This little bird can be positioned in a variety of ways. I flipped this one to face inward toward the other designs as it was too close to the edge to stitch the way Sue presented it.

The finished sampler. If you click on it, it should get a bit bigger.

Below, is the sampler before it was stitched. You can see the colours of felt I used. In hindsight, the softer colours that Sue Spargo used, would have been easier to work with especially for choosing thread colours. I worked with what I had on hand, the bright wool circles on a black background. 

Which is your favorite design?
My granddaughter selected the fox 'because he is cute'. I have several that catch my eye.
Check out my Instagram @jctextileart for lots more photos of the circles. You don't have to be an Instagram user to view the various posts.

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Drizzle Stitches - Insta Stitch with Sue

Well, folks, the 90 day challenge from Sue Spargo is nearing the end. Number 81/90 was just posted. It's been a fun stitch along and I've done more Drizzle Stitches in the last few weeks than ever before. Have you ever tried them? No? Have a look HERE for Mary Corbet's Drizzle Stitch Video Tutorial.

Here's # 61 showing drizzle stitches with beads

# 55, Drizzle Stitches without beads

# 43
# 80

But here's my pièce de résistance, with 106 Drizzles, # 78, the African Lion! Well, my lion just got back from the hairdresser where he had an old fashioned perm!! In fact, there is hardly room to see his face and ears. One thing I can say, the circle colour was a perfect match (which didn't happen often), as was the circle for the acorn above.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Insta Stitch With Sue - Continued

There are now 13, one inch circles, from Sue Spargo's Instastitchwithsue, left to do. It's hard to believe that I actually kept up with this activity, but I'm glad I did.

Here's a few more from the collection:

This activity was a good one for practising stitches, colour selection of threads, for the circles in my collection and for observing how Sue and company put together the stitches for the various designs. Working within a one inch area was, at times, challenging. I didn't have all the correct sizes of needles and had to improvise. There was no going to the store for more. I did order them from Amazon, but they did not show up. Lesson learned: don't order something small from such a big company. I figured the needles would come with the other things ordered (my mistake)!!

I also need to stock up on a few more colours of #5 perle cotton.


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hand Embroidered Circles - Instastitchwithsue

Blogger has decided to introduce a change on how we post to the internet. This change in method, is very similar to Word Press, which I am learning how to do. A new web site design, for my work, is coming soon. There will be a new blog on that site which will focus on the work I do in my studio. I will still use this blogger and link it back to the new site. Thanks to my husband for taking on this task.

Below is # 62 from the free stitching with Sue Spargo's, instastitchwithsue from Instagram. This is a Red-Spotted Guard Crab. Since a purple circle was the next one to use, it fitted in with the actual colour of this species of crab.

Stitches for this design include: chain stitch, trellis stitch, bullion knots and French knots.

Here's a few other embroidered little critters. They aren't perfect, far from it. I decided early on that I wouldn't pull out any stitching unless it was absolutely wonky on the eye! Variegated thread often brings its own colour scheme - sometimes when you don't want that to happen. For example, the little green owl has odd colours from the thread used and the lamb has two different leg colours.


Saturday, May 16, 2020

More Circles: (half way mark just passed at # 45) Instastitch With Sue

Have a look at a few more of my one inch circles. The colours shown below are not exactly the same as in real life. I have five full rows plus three on row six.
Seven more have been stitched to the above 'doodle cloth"

I like this one. Too bad my circle wasn't yellow but I am working with the colours that I originally stitched in place.

Lime green is a challenge when on a black background.

My Irish Owl!!! Some variegated threads in use.

I believe I used the wrong weight of thread for the wings but it works!

The circle turned into an oval. Oh, well . . .

The colours are off on this one. There is more contrast in the loops than in this photo.

I choose the wrong colours for the ladybug but I was not about to change them. In the group photo,  the body is a purple shade not a gray.


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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Hand Embroidered Circles continued . . . Instastitchwithsue

I had this post already to go when, for some reason, the whole thing disappeared! Bummer!!!

It is a beautiful sunny day here and I got some time to sit out on the back deck. The temperature is above 20C and the clothes is quickly drying on the line.

I have been trying to play catch-up on these hand embroidered one inch circles from @instastitchwithsue on Instagram. These are a bit time consuming, depending on the design and I'm still about ten circles behind. I try not to take out stitches. In the first one, my spacing is a bit off but it's a practise piece and I only eye balled the distances.

 Lots of practise doing these bullion knots! I used two different variegated #8 pearl from Valdani Threads.
More variegated threads. Love the colours on this one.
The colours for this one worked out well. More bullion knots and a bullion rose.
 My basket is a bit tilted!
The lime green is a bit garish and it was difficult matching colours for this circle. Again, the middle is not centered. BUT these are practise pieces and it was late when it got done. That's my excuse.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Wet Felted Vessel

I tried my hand making a wet felted vessel last week. My previous venture into wet felting was years ago when I lived in St. John's. Several stitching friends and I, got together to make a small 3-D Vessel. It was fun. I still need to refine my process, such as cutting the hole smoothly. I used what roving I had on hand. I think that more experimenting is necessary.
There are lots of YouTube Videos on this topic. However, I followed the directions at Rosiepink Studio.
My plan is to add other embellishments such as hand embroidery and beads to this one.

bottom of the vessel