Saturday, November 7, 2020

Squash Squad Update

I've been making some progress on the 5 1/2 " wool applique, Squash Squad squares, by Sue Spargo. Monday, we start block 8 of 9. My seven blocks are in various stages of finishing. Here's six and seven:

Block 7 - Big Moon Pumpkin

Working on the vine.  Small buttons have to be added.

Block 6 - Knuckle Head Pumpkin

Couching the background woody vines. Small Detached Chains are to be randomly added for the base of the Bittersweet blossom. A small orange seed bead will be added to the base of each detached chain stitch. I also need to add more Raised Cup Stitches to the rest of the triangles.



  1. I really like your squash (squashes, squash's). The embroidery additions are perfect. I must admit I do hanker a little bit over working with wool and then I remember that my stash does not yield any wools and I certainly don't want to get into trying to shoehorn anything else into my already over-crowded space.

  2. ps - forgot to say, thank you for the links! Fun to drool over.