Monday, March 27, 2023

Kitchen Update

If you are interested in our kitchen renovation, click on over to my website's other blog post. Here's the new backsplash, countertop and a partial view of the cabinets. The blue on the counter is painter's tape and not part of the decor (grin). There are no doors or drawer fronts yet. My husband has done the kitchen design / cabinets and with some help from his brother and me - #1 gopher, things are coming along.

Hopefully, the kitchen will be finished in a couple more months. The mixer shown in photo won't be staying on the counter but will have its own spot inside the pantry cabinet. 

White Point Shimmer

My shimmer ornaments are for sale at the White Point Resort Gift Shop, Nova Scotia. Last year, they

requested a new shimmer just for them. They were delighted with the design.