Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Garden Sewing Box # 2

For the last several months, I have been working on another Garden Sewing Box. This one will be an on-line class for EAC - Embroiderers' Association of Canada. Since the original was completed in 2005, I felt it necessary to create another one. So here it is!

I enjoy teaching about the techniques used in my art work and this project has lots! 

Each photo was taken with the box lying on its side which is why the front feet aren't touching the counter top. Also, the top is not closed.

 As this is a functional sewing box, the inner box comes out.

To read about the first Sewing Box, please check HERE

See the four sides of the original box HERE


  1. This is absolutely stunning Judy! I went and peeked at the previous version too and it's equally beautiful. I would love one of these just for the sheer pleasure of making it.
    (btw - the link to the four sides of the previous box takes me to the same place as the first link)