Friday, January 10, 2014

New Needle Felted Art Cards

This is a busy time of year for those of us who produce certain items for the wholesale market. I create unique products that are very affordable and small enough to mail in an envelope. 
  • My greeting cards are digital prints made from original textile-based art. 
  • The art cards are images constructed by using various combinations of needle felting, hand / machine stitching, and / or painting, then attached to a card.  
  • Shimmer Ornaments consist of a variety of images stitched onto a hand constructed, translucent background with machine embroidery outlines and details. These can be designed to be site specific.
  • Felted ornaments are constructed from a variety of needle felted yarns.
  • Wearable Art Pins consist of a wide variety of images constructed on a hand layered background that I call 'fantasy fabric'. They consist  of a variety of decorative yarns, glittery threads and fabrics, tulle and lame with machine embroidered details and outlines.
All my needle felted art cards are sold so I had to get busy and make more. Here's the ones I did today.

Another sheet almost ready to be needle felted,

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