Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Quilting

Yesterday we lost the electricity from 5:30 pm until 10:30 pm. Luckily the flashlights were handy. Since it's so cold outside, the NL Power company decided to cut the power to different parts of the city for a few hours. Apparently there was a usage on the generators and they plan to do this until the weather warms up a bit. So far today, this part of town has been left alone (keeping fingers crossed). It's times like this that our quilts really do come in handy (not just as a decorative addition to a room).

In case you feel the need to make another quilt, I found some with a Winter theme. You will see lots of blue and white! Some of the patterns are for sale and some are free. I've included both for viewing as you never know what might spark an idea. There are also a couple of smaller pieces too.
The only large bed quilt I ever made was back in1999 for a quilt show in 2000. It was a Magic Tiles pattern by Kathleen Bissett. I called it Quiltenium Dreams. All the fabrics were from various trips taken across the country. The quilt found its way to Chicago with my daughter and her husband. It has a good home.

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