Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Stuff !!

I just finished a new quilted sign for my art work. It was machine embroidered in a large hoop so I didn't have to reposition it to get it all done. The size is 19" x 12 1/2".

I have also dded two new shimmers to my collection, an anchor and a lighthouse.

These items will be going to Halifax with me on Thursday for the Atlantic Canada Trade Show (ACTS) this weekend. I have been invited to show my wholesale products in the Newfoundland Labrador booth. It has taken me many years to decide to sell any of my things at a wholesale show.
Last March I was approached by the craft sector of government to attend the local Trade Show. It was a great success so here I am, going to a much larger event! It will be a great experience and I'll get to see some great art pieces in the gallery space.


  1. Good luck at the Trade Show. They are lots of fun. Enjoy your notes every day.

  2. Hi from New Westminster B.C. Congratulations on your upcoming event. It looks like you will have the chance to grow your business. Good luck at the event, your work is lovely.

  3. Your new sign is wonderful! Have fun at the show. If it was open to the public I would be there for sure.