Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wonky Houses Advent Wall Hanging

Well, my Wonky Houses Advent Wall Hanging is almost finished! YAH!! It was a lot more work than I thought when I started it. However, I'm pleased with the result.  I still have to sew on some embellishments (decorative buttons & beads) but they won't get done until I do it with my three year old granddaughter in Chicago. She will help me sew on the stuff! At least she will indicate where to put the cats, and other things that you see in the buttons photo below. It should be interesting and fun! I'll post a final photo when that's completed. This is not an original design. The pattern comes all the way from British Columbia, Canada!

Here it is:


  1. What a sweet design, and what fun you will have with your grand-daughter placing all those cute buttons, Judy :)

  2. It's incredible. I love all the colour and sparkle. It's very reminiscent of St. John's. Having both of you work on the embellishments will make the calendar even more special and, most of all, create wonderful memories.