Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dropping in to say hello!

I just dropped in to From Ewe to You, in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. The link takes you to last summer's post. I had a nice chat with the owner. I did purchase a small knitting / crochet pattern book of sea life. The book is out in the car so I'll let you know its title at a later date. At the moment, I'm at an internet café writing this post.

I do so take the internet for granted. I have to get a program loaded on my phone so that I can tether it to my tablet and work away.


  1. Strangely, your link took me to my Blogger dashboard, Judy. Hope you are having a great visit!

  2. I'll be heading to Lwr Sackville to check that shop out, the first chance I get. Have a wonderful trip.