Sunday, November 29, 2015

Count Down To Christmas

Let the countdown begin - TUESDAY! Today, you search, among all the Christmas decorations, for that special piece to hang on December 1st. Well, maybe it's not a quilted piece but a special candle or whatever. In any case, I found a few interesting sites about this with some historical and religious context, as well as fun.
Here's my Granddaughter's Wonky Houses Countdown to Christmas!

Several of my readers were working on their own Wonky Houses. I wonder if you ever got them done? My sister, Joan, has been working on one this past week. Maybe she will share it with me when it's done then I'll share it with you.

Wonky Houses Countdown


  1. Great links once again and very timely too. I am just starting to keep an eye open for ideas for making an advent project for our grandson for next year and there are several that look promising in your group. btw - is the Wonky Houses an advent or a quilt that just happens to have the right number of houses? Curious mind wants to know!

  2. I called it Wonky Houses because mine turned out that way. The pattern is an Advent Calendar. Check out