Saturday, November 21, 2015

Workshop Weekend!

Here's a quick look at my progress at the textile landscape workshop that the Eastern Edge Quilt Guild held this weekend. It was a welcome diversion from the flurry of getting ready for the Christmas Craft Fair and the actual fair last week. Thanks to local textile artist, Karen Martin, for a great workshop!

The sky in this background is my own dyed fabric. I used batiks for the hills and water. However, the building fabric is cotton which can be used on both sides. The right side is dark, while the back is slightly lighter. This kind of fabric is good for shading. At the moment, this piece won't be completed due to Christmas projects! I will post more on my progress next year (which isn't far off!!).

Strips for clapboard

The two strips on the left are the 'right' side while the three on the right are the 'wrong' side

One side of the shed. The darker strips are used here.


  1. When I was working so much with recycled denim I often used both sides of the fabric to give additional interest and more variety to the 'colors' I used in my jackets. I also use that technique with my crazy quilting sometimes. It will be fun to see how this piece turns out!

  2. I love the look of the clapboard. I'll be interested to see the progress of this piece.