Monday, November 30, 2015


Do you have a favorite pincushion? I have several that I use all the time in my studio. I prefer large ones when working on a large work surface. That's why my starfish works perfectly.

The pincushion by my one of my machines is rectangular shaped to fit in front within easy reach. I have velcro on its bottom and on the table. The one below is very old. I made it from melton cloth which was leftover from a coat I made.

My work horse sits on a thick rubber mat. The mat is also my pincushion and scissors holder. As you can see, it works perfectly!

Today, I finished several new pincushions for the Anna Templeton Tea & Sale on December 11 - 13. These are suitable to sit in front of a machine or to carry in a sewing pouch. Stick-on velcro can be placed on the bottom easily or hand stitched in place. You will need a sticky part for the table.  Metallic thread was used for the needles and thimble. 

All designs used in the embroidery machines are all our own.


  1. I like the shape of your pincushions. My favourite is one I made a few years ago and you can see if it you scroll down on this post..

  2. I can see using one of your pincushions too. Keeping different needles separated with this one, is easy.