Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Tree is Done!!

The Christmas Shows / Markets are finished for me this year! It's been a hectic fall. Thank you to everyone who commented on my art work and to those who purchased something from me. You are all awesome!

Well, the tree is up and decorated! Big job!!! I wasn't going to put tinsel on the tree this year but it was bare to me as I love lots of glitter. In any case, why break with tradition as I've always put it on my trees. Even as a child, I put it on one strand at a time.

Please note my gorgeous tree skirt. Made for me by my wonderful sister, Joan. This was a birthday gift a few years ago before we left Newfoundland.

I received a pre-christmas gift in the mail this week. What do you think of these!!! Apparently, my sister measured my cushions this summer with Christmas ones in mind.

Here are a few closeups of ornaments on the tree - before the tinsel was added.

Hand made by my friend, Marilyn in NL. Love this one!!
The stained glass ornament is one of three, made by my brother, Don, in NL. Gale made the snowman when she was living in Chicago (about 4 years ago).

 This cat is ancient. It must be at least 45 years old.

This one was made during a textile tour to England in 2008. We visited a local artist and did these.

I received this Temari Ball during an ornament exchange at the St. John's Guild of Embroiderers, years ago.

Enjoy! Hopefully I get back into the routine of posting more to the blog. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I agree that it's a huge job to get the tree up and decorated. This year I managed to get rid of about a third of the ornaments and the tree STILL looks stuffed! I'm sure I could downsize equally as many more and it would still be full.