Monday, March 14, 2016


Awhile back, I posted a glimpse of a piece of sashiko that I had just finished stitching. Well, I'm not happy with the piece! Most of my stitching is fine. However, I had decided to put a stitched border around the pattern. Since this is an open weave fabric, the straight stitching is not straight. If I put this down on a table, my eye would always go to the edge of the piece.

I had a look at some other Sashiko pieces and discovered that none of them had stitched Sashiko borders outside the pattern. Instead, the stitching pattern came right to the fabric border.  This piece below has an inch navy binding around the edge (not visible here).

This little piece above has some straight stitched Sashiko that worked well. It was done on cotton and didn't distort when ironed and when binding was attached. 
This piece was destined for the discard bin!
I was ready to throw it out. Notice the stitching around the pattern. The pencil lines won't come out so removing the stitches isn't an option.

I did get a solution that I can live with. I will put another border on the piece and attach it right up to the pattern. Thank you, Verna, for that suggestion! At the moment, it will remain behind the studio door until I can tackle it again!

I will pay more attention to my next Sashiko project!


  1. Not sure whether I like sashiko more for the stitching or the fact that it's mostly blue. It seems to be really difficult to hand stitch straight lines and have them not appear somewhat wonky - one of Mr. Murphy's Laws I suspect.

  2. I enjoy the stitching but from now on, straight lines are out!!!

  3. I've never tried sashiko so it's been fun living vicariously through you.