Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It seems that hexagons in quilting are making a comeback! Every time I pick up a quilting magazine, I see them used in a quilt, place mat, bag or sewing project. I started doing a quilt with all hexagons about 42 years ago with leftover fabrics from sewing clothes for myself and my daughter. What did I know about using cottons! Most of the blocks were poly cottons! I just knew I liked the shape and I could do them by hand. My paper insets were not freezer paper but leftover cards from those ancient computers that filled a good sized room! At that time, I thought freezer paper was for wrapping up meat. By the way, the quilt never did get finished!

Now, with all my experience with textiles, using hexagons would be a whole different ballgame! Last summer I did purchase a plastic template for cutting out hexagons but so far, all I've done is put it with the other rulers and templates. I have been considering doing some hand embroidery on linen hexagons and using them in a table topper or try out some coasters or mug rugs. I'm still thinking about my project.

Anyway, here are a few links to get you better acquainted with hexagons:

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Hexagon Bag
Turtle Pincushion

Enjoy. . .


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  1. Yes, they do seem to be everywhere. In fact... I've been working on the pattern for a hexie turtle stuffed toy for a few weeks now. I'm calling her Lexie the Hexie Turtle.