Friday, January 13, 2017

TGIF - the 13th!

Friday the 13th! Anyone superstitious?  It rained here most of the day and the only thing I was concerned about was maybe slipping on some of the ice that remained. I didn't give a thought to anything related to the 13th.

I've found another Blog Hop that started January 9 so you already have a couple of days to check.  This one is New Beginnings by Island Batik. It's interesting to see what other quilters create using specific fabrics and colour themes.

New Beginnings Blog Hop
If you still want to browse quilt related 'stuff', go to Crazy Mom Quilts. I've mentioned this site several times before.  

Regarding my studio work: not much happened today. I stitched out 80 Viking Ship Shimmers this week as I have a couple of orders for the spring tourist seasons. It's great when I get early requests for things. Today I managed to stitch out some dory's.  These are larger than my previous ones. I will post a photo when they are ready.

Time to do some free style stitching!


  1. I totally forgot it was a Friday the 13th until I overheard a news segment...the reporter was attempting to see how many people were superstitious by asking them to break a mirror. Interestingly, the men (all of them!) refused totally, whereas the women were more on board. Thought that was interesting.

  2. The Viking Ships are gorgeous.