Friday, January 20, 2017

Finally Found!!!

Have you ever put something away and forgotten where it was? I've been searching for my clamp-on embroidery hoop holder for ages. Husband made it years ago when I was taking some embroidery courses. It folds flat, which I had forgotten about, so I wasn't looking for it in that format. I've searched the house from top to bottom.

Today, I happened to look for something else (isn't that always the case), and found it under one of the machines. I was a happy camper but also a little ticked off that it took so long to find!

Folded flat!

Clamped on, ready to use! The part holding the hoop rotates so I can see the back of my work.

This is a very handy gadget! Lots of knobs for adjusting.
You can also see the progress I'm making on my snowmen.

Enjoy your weekend. St. John's is under a blizzard advisory. Nothing happening yet! Maybe it will miss us? Wishful thinking . . .


  1. Now that's an amazing gadget! One of the reasons I heartily dislike working in frames is trying to juggle everything. Having a clamp would alleviate the problem. Your hubby should be marketing these!

  2. ps - forgot to say - hope the impending blizzard fizzles before it gets to you!

  3. He did a beautiful job, making it. Very handy looking.