Saturday, January 28, 2017

Red Work Done in Blue

I'm trying to do a little hand stitching everyday during 2017. So far, I've managed to do just that. My doodle cloth, which I started last year, is for experimenting with different threads and yarns using a variety of stitches. My one 'rule' on the doodle cloth - no taking out stitches. I will try to self correct as I continue stitching or do a 'restart' next to the fumbled work! Like my word? 

I have several other different pieces ready to stitch. These are my TV watching pieces as I really can't sit with idle hands. I don't know about you, but I need something fairly simple at times like that. Concentrating on a complicated pattern is for other times.
Here's my latest finish:

I don't know where I got this image - sorry! It was traced onto fabric a few years ago and put aside. This one will be quilted and probably made into a small wall hanging. I used a back stitch using Valdani Threads.

There are thousands of images out there to use for hand stitching. All those Adult Colouring books, for example, that are flooding the book stores, supermarkets etc, have excellent images to reproduce onto fabric. Maybe bits and pieces from several images can be combined to make a totally different piece. Experiment!

Here's a few links with images / patterns to use:


  1. Its beautiful Judy,well done and its so pretty in the blue.

  2. I love this blue work. Bird Brain designs has a wonderful selection of patterns of snowmen. I'm thinking I need to stitch blue snowmen too!
    xx, Carol

  3. One of the joys of redwork is that it really can be done in any colour - your snowmen are so cute in blue. As for tv time - I can't just sit and watch and usually have my knitting or my book.

  4. It makes me smile, every time I look at it. Beautiful.