Monday, January 9, 2017

In my 'spare' time, I've been stitching up a snowman mini. It is my take away piece when stitching with friends. I find that when we get together, it's hard to concentrate on a 'follow a pattern' piece.

I'm using an 8 inch hoop and # 8 Valdani Pearl Cotton. Note the tiny magnet holding my needle. It's easier to let the magnet catch the needle.

Stitching Patterns:
If you are looking for something different, check out the 'adult colouring books' that seem to be all the rage these days.

Or maybe Zentangle Designs might be something different to stitch. Check Pinterest HERE  & HERE for some and this YouTube on How To Draw Zen-tangles, is a good one.    



  1. I went through a zentangling phase three or four years ago and haven't even looked at it recently. It's something I should pull out and work at again. Redwork patterns are fun, whether done in the traditional red or any other colour.

  2. It's a sweet piece. Thanks for the magnet tip.

  3. Love that snowman! I love doing that type of embroidery too...lovely to work on while chatting. Working on Crabapple Hill's "Over the hill to Grandmother's house we go". Have the two biggest panels finished, but now have to take time to trace the next one. The end is in sight :-).