Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snowlady With Birds

Here's another hand embroidery finish to add to the collection. It will eventually be a small quilted wall hanging. This time the carrot nose is orange, the holly berries are red and the snowflakes are silver. I'm calling it 'Red Work' with colour. If "Whitework with Colour' is accepted than so can this.

By they way, have you heard about Trish Burr's newest embroidery book, Whitework with Colour?
Mary Corbet has a fantastic review of this book on her blog. See it HERE.   PS: I broke down and pre-ordered it!



  1. I love these blue snowladies. I have a difficult time deciding...Halloween or Winter? Tough decision.

  2. Beautiful! Love the snowflakes! Such amazing stitching, Judy. Probably be able to build a snowman later today with all the snow coming.

  3. Oh dear - I haven't read Mary's post yet and I already know that I'm going to want that book too. She is SUCH an enabler!! Love your little snowman this time - the addition of a little bit of red and orange just bumps his interest up a level.

  4. Thanks for commenting, ladies! I am not a fan of Halloween, so you won't see much, if any, but the other seasons / holidays, are fair game. I do like snowmen.

  5. Another of your pieces that makes me smile, every time I look at it.