Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tea, anyone?

My friend, Judith, keeps forgetting to take her herbal tea bags with her when going out. So this got me thinking, that's it's time to do a post about tea related projects.

First off, I'll showcase the two tea cozies I created a couple of years ago (these have been blogged about in a previous post).
Side one - This one is mine.

Side two

Here's my 'fantasy fish fabric' tea cozy which is part of a private collection. I keep saying I'm going to design another one for me. It hasn't happened yet!

  • Sew News has a free pattern for a tea wallet. This is an easy to make wallet and makes a nice gift too. 
  • Here's a different design for another tea wallet. Another HERE (this one is cute for Valentine's Day). And one HERE 
  • Elegant Tea Gift from Wee Folk Art  
  • Lots of tea related sewing projects HERE 
  • Tea Cozy   


  1. We're lazy tea makers in this house - it's just two mugs, two bags and some hot water. Thank you for the reminder about the tea wallets - I made one for our niece a couple of years ago and really should whip up some more for little gifts.

  2. The cozies are beautiful but those fish are gorgeous.