Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Yesterday I showed you our set up for taking pictures of some of my smaller art pieces. When I'm blogging, I take photos with my phone and use them from there. However, when promoting my work at shows, it's done differently.

The stand is a portable scaffold (refer to yesterday's post) that is been used for renovations and another one off to the side is holding the tablet (using what's at hand). In the days before digital photography, my husband used to develop his own photos. Today, to get a high quality photo requires (besides a good camera) the right software and knowing how to use it. Needless to say, I'm lucky to have an in-house tech person!

Since the pendants needed to be photographed without shadows, he decided to suspend them away from the background. Laying the pendant on the table top had other issues. So here was the solution, one of his many gagdets:

I couldn't get directly in front of the pendant, so it appears as if the poles are different lengths (camera setup was in the way).


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  1. He should be selling design plans for his set up solutions!

  2. Again...I agree with the Magpie's comment.