Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wishing for Spring!!!

Today's post is brought to you from an overcast St. John's. I do believe the sun is shining - somewhere . . . My daughter told me it was 'sunny and warmish' in Bridgewater, NS today and my sister keeps telling me that 'spring has sprung' in Tennessee with 75 F on Monday and a close 71 F the next day. Ho Hum . . .

In any case, this has been a long winter with lots of snow. I think it's time for some SPRING ideas

One can live in hope! 



  1. Quite the snazzy set up for taking those lovely photos. Since my blog began I've a new appreciation for the picture taking. I find food especially hard to show it looking appetizing. It's an art form for sure. Wonderful pendants and we are living in hope for spring too. But March is quite often our snowiest here in Ontario, so who knows.

  2. Thanks for continuing to provide links/inspiration.

  3. Nice links - I especially love the bluebird (something I have yet to ever see for real!).