Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oscar Night

Do you watch the Oscars? The only thing that interests me are the fashions on display. Some are gaudy, others, gorgeous, while some are just this side of ridiculous! However, if I missed it, I wouldn't bat an eye! People get so wrapped up in Hollywood . . .

I had a great show, met some new buyers and got reacquainted with my regular customers. The mummer shimmers were a hit as were the embroidered Fibre Art Pendants, especially the Maple Leaf. As this is Canada's 150th birthday, this pendant was applauded. Several people had been to the Buyer's Market in Toronto last month and everything had 150th on them. They weren't impressed and preferred to have more subtle items.




  1. I was going to watch the Oscars last night but then I forgot about it. We watched some recorded Scotties curling instead. The Brier is in St Johns this year. I've never been to Newfoundland. I live now on the west coast but I have lived in eight provinces and visited the others - except NFld and the new Nunavit.

    The 150 would be OK on some things but I agree with subtle.

  2. I completely agree with you about the Oscars. Congrats on a successful show.

  3. Your maple leaf pendant is perfect - a subtle way to commemorate our 150th. As for the Oscars - we watched the final hour and saw the huge debacle over the best picture. I don't force my DH to watch it because I know he isn't the least bit interested in any of it, but I wouldn't mind seeing the dresses - both good and bad.