Friday, February 24, 2017

No Driving for a whole MONTH!!! Yikes . . .

Well, I can get back to doing a little stitching as long as I don't irritate the arm. No cast but a sling for the next month. I do have two fractures in the ball of the arm. The doctor was pleased with the amount of movement I have (not one to lie around but been careful, I did some exercises so arm wouldn't seize up and it has worked)!  YAH!!! Oh, did I say NO DRIVING for a month - not a happy camper but . . .

Thanks for all the well wishes from my blogging buddies - much appreciated.

Now for a few links to check:
  • I like the shape of this Basket Tote from Sew Can She. Lots of great patterns on this site
  • Are you familiar with Ginger Bread Girl (Kathryn Drummond) from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada? Kathryn was here last year and taught several workshops for the St. John's Embroidery Guild. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any but my friends did. Kathyrn has lovely patterns on her site. There is even a Blackwork Snowflake, called Winter Sparkle, to download.
  • Pattern Pile has, just as the name implies, piles of free stuff. I got a bit sidetracked looking at all the free patterns!

Here's one of my miniature embroidery pieces I did years ago. It's a combination of some free motion stitching, applique and hand stitching.

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  1. Oh dear - that Pattern Pile is almost as bad as pinterest!! Such a lot to see and wishful think over.