Friday, February 3, 2017

Work in Progress

Besides helping with house renos, I've managed to get started on a few other small projects.

Early stage of making Fantasy Fabric
These two top pieces aren't the same ones. I finished the one below ages ago.
Finished piece of Fantasy Fabric ready to be used in a project.

Half finished piece of needle felting

Needs lots of stitching with sparkly threads

Lots of Shimmer Ornaments have been stitched too as I'm getting ready for the Wholesale Show at the end of the month.

By the way, don't forget about my giveaway on Monday. Go HERE to enter for a chance to win.

Enjoy! Goodluck!


  1. The fabrics are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing how you use them in future projects.

  2. What fun! I love the needle felting - just a little bit of fancy yarn goes a long way and looks so effective.