Saturday, August 15, 2015

Yarn Shop (L.K. Yarns Inc.)

The Yarn Shop is located at The Hydrostone Market at 5545 Young Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. This area hosts some unique shopping for tourists as well as the people who live here. I've been having a grand time this summer locating and visiting various craft, yarn and fabric shops as well as markets and tourist shops in Nova Scotia. Sure hope you enjoy seeing this one.

I just love the painted window display!

Bins of yarn!


My purchase! I couldn't resist these.


  1. Hi, Jo, It's been awhile. Good to hear from you.

  2. I love to see all your yarn shop and quilt shop finds. I am planning a trip to Newfoundland next year and then the Maritimes another year. I am taking careful notes. I check sites to see if I might order before I actually get to the area to physically visit. Thanks.

  3. ooooh - another shop I would love to visit! You just know with such fun windows that there has to be good stuff inside.