Saturday, August 22, 2015

Interesting Blogs!

Have you checked out the quilting blog, Crazy Mom Quilts? It has lots of interesting 'stuff' (my favorite word)! Each Friday, Amanda Jean posts a project that she finished and then invites others to post their finished project for the week. It's amazing the number of people who post weekly. This week there are 116 posts with lots to check out.

Two more places to visit are Jay Bird Quilts and Red Pepper Quilts.


My sister and I went to Wool Trends today. As I was leaving, I saw this leaf on the ground. The colour intrigued me so I brought it home. It looks good on my leather look placemat. This is an excellent colour combination (at least, I think so).


  1. Droolworthy places to visit - thank you! I can 'see' your leaf as a repeating pattern on a piece of fabric...wouldn't that be pretty?

  2. I just love the colours in this leaf and the background colour (placemat) was just perfect to set it off.