Saturday, August 1, 2015

Gaspereau Valley Fibres

Today I visited the Gaspereau Valley Fibres Farm Wool Shop in Wolfville, NS. This shop specializes in natural fibres and equipment for knitters, spinners, weavers, felters and dyers. There is also a large selection of Canadian, organic, and local hand painted yarns and fibres.  Lots of delicious eye candy!

Here's a few photos of the interior:

These are tiny socks!

Love the hooked rug sheep!

Silk and cotton threads

A tub full of wool roving


  1. It was a delight to be your tour guide! We are SO lucky to have Gaspereau Wool in our neck of the woods.

    1. Kate, thanks for been my guide. I'm trying to play catch up answering comments on the blog. Good to see you again at Avonport Fabrics today (Aug. 15). Hope you found something good today.

  2. Wouldn't it be fun to plunge your hands into those buckets of soft fibre? mmmmm.....