Friday, June 12, 2015

Road Trek - Part Two

As promised, here are more photos from yesterday's road trek to Herbie's Olde Shoppe.

The owner of Herbie's Olde Shoppe is Rhodie Anne Woodland. She told me that her shop is a one stop shop as there is something for everyone. For example, t-shirts screen printed in NL, art work, greeting cards, knitted goods, jewellery, toys, books (NL authors), jams, tea towels, rug hooking patterns, ornaments, quilts, cloth tote bags . . . She did remark that there isn't a lot of items for men. She said there's a definite market for that but not many crafters are taking advantage of it.

My shimmers are displayed in a step up clear acrylic stand, as you can see below. Rhodie Ann decided to put out the rest that couldn't fit in the stand in the yellow basket. For some reason, most of the shimmers sold, come from that basket instead of the display case. Interesting!

Some of my wearable art pins


The cards shown under the row houses are mine

This wagon belongs to Rhodie Anne. She played with it as a child.

From 1933, this old Singer Sewing machine is still in perfect working order!

We also stopped at Chafe's Landing (around the corner from Herbie's) and had lunch. We had the most delicious fish and chips. The cod fish was fresh and just lightly battered. It melted in my mouth and the best I've had since the last time I was there. If you are ever in Petty Harbour, you must drop in there for a meal.


  1. Oh I would have loved it there! So many beautiful things!Are there a lot of tourists there shopping? I love that orange jellyfish teatowel!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Drool! There are so many intriguing things in the shop (I embiggened the pictures so I could see them even better). What a wonderful thing the shop is doing - a show place for local art - what could be better than that?