Thursday, June 11, 2015

Road Trek! Part One

Today, my friend and I made a road trek out to Petty Harbour. I had to take some more of my Fibre Art Pendants to Herbie's Olde Shoppe. It was a beautiful day driving along the Cape Spear Highway toward this quaint little village. I have a fondness for this place as my parents moved there when I was 6 weeks old. My father was a school teacher. We moved into St. John's when I was four.

Here's an excerpt from the shop's brochure:

 " Herbie's Olde Shoppe opened in June 2001. The General Store atmosphere remains, only the merchandise has changed. Gone are the beans, sugar, flour and fishing lines which once filled the shelves and the storage bins. You can still lift the covers of these bins to see prices from an earlier time. It's another piece of history that adds to the ambiance. Today you will find quality products made right here in Newfoundland and Labrador as well as prints, music and books. Our 'Wall of memories' and collection of items from 'days gone by' will help you 'step back in time'.

That is so true. As you walk in the door and proceed to the counter, you walk over a large iron heating grate. All the door and wall trims are original as is the counter trim. It's a very quaint spot to shop. Tomorrow, I will share a few more photos from today's road trek.

Here's a couple of my pendants. Note the trim below the shelf.


  1. Oh my I looked at the shop and found it on Google map!It is in the end of the world or that's how it looked to me!So you live somewhere near there right?ArianefromGreece!

  2. oooh - how I would love to visit that shop!! Seeing that wonderful grate reminded me of a store we have not too far from here that has an interesting floor too - there's a waterway that runs beneath the store (sort of a huge open culvert of sorts) and the store owners cut a hole in the floor and inserted see-through flooring. It certainly gives you an odd feeling when you're standing on top of it and look down and see the water flowing beneath you.