Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Drawn Thread Forest

As promised, here's my work in progress. After the threads were taken out, the piece was painted with fabric paints (part of the class kit). The vertical threads were painted brown. I just realized that the second photo is the demo that Catherine used and not mine. This one shows a stream flowing through. I meant to do one but got so involved that everything went green. Maybe on the next one!!

For the tree foliage, I used one strand each of Bella Lusso 100% merino wool (from the class kit). I also used my own Valdani #8 variegated  pearl cotton M 19 and Valdani variegated 3 stranded floss # D528. All three were stitched together. It was my choice to use my own threads instead of the ones from the kit.
I put a large needle through the branches to show that they are only attached at the ends. It is very dimensional.

My embroidery stand clamps onto the table.  It was made by my husband a few years ago when I was doing a five level hand embroidery program. It works perfectly to hold my hoop, allowing me to have both hands free to work on the trees. I can turn my work at any angle by loosening one or two of the black knobs.

I also have another embroidery stand that sits on the floor. However, as I prefer to work standing up in my studio, the one pictured above is perfect. The table is a converted drafting table and is quite high (at least for me as I'm just 5 feet tall)!

This swing free magnifier light is perfect  for up close work.

Here's a close-up of the arm of my light. Not pretty but holds some of my tools and keeps them off the table. The donut shaped magnet is from an old computer that was taken apart years ago. It's very powerful and quite handy to have above my work table. Note the other hooks hanging there. Depending on the project, I can hang floss for quick reach, scissors, needle cases. pincushion (to the left). Note the blue & red clamps (magnets on back). These come in handy.

Catherine Jordan provided a comprehensive set of directions for this piece. It's great when a teacher goes to so much preparation. In many cases, there is a handout with the minimum of directions and you are sometime scratching your head, wondering what to do next. Thanks, Catherine!

My piece so far. I have not finished with this tree  yet. (Last night, after I finished writing, I did some more embroidery on the tree to the farthest left - you will see updates periodically so check back).



  1. Thanks for the detailed post!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. This is so exciting; using paint and drawn thread work together. I'm always amazed at what happens when various techniques are used together.

  3. What a wonderful hubby you have. Thank you for showing us your work. It does seem like quite an interesting class.

  4. Beautiful tree and thank you for showing your clamp and light - always good to see how other people work. xx

  5. I'm so glad that I stopped to visit your blog this morning. Your piece is looking fabulous and the tree foliage beautifully done. What a great looking embroidery stand and magnifier light!

  6. Oh that is really lovely, and so unusual - thanks for sharing that