Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Catherine Jordan

Today was the first day of a two day workshop with Catherine Jordan. I hope you take a minute or so to have a peek at her web site. Her work is amazing as is her teaching. She is very well prepared with a full kit of materials which includes a booklet of instructions, textile paints, linen, needles, ruler, embroidery floss, needle threader, paint brush, small water tray, and embroidery wool. All we had to provide was a hoop and sharp pointed embroidery scissors. Oh, yes, and lunch!

Today we set up the 'canvas' (hooped linen), pulled threads and wove the cut threads back into the linen to give a neat edge. Then we painted our fabric. I am looking forward to tomorrow as we are going to needle weave / wrap our trees and embroider the foreground.

Tomorrow I will follow up with a progression of my work.

Here's a few photos of Catherine's work samples:

Here's a peek at my morning's work! Doesn't look like much yet!!


  1. How big is your hoop. I envisioned the work to be at least twice the size as what is shown.

  2. Love what you've done so far!!! Amazing! Do you happen to know,the count of the linen you are using? Is it similar to cross stitch or embroidery linens? Thanks for sharing!

    1. I believe the linen is 25 count. I never remember these details. I'll check again.

  3. What gorgeous pieces of art!I am intrigued!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Another great day! Excellent workshop. If anyone ever has the chance to take this class, it's worth it.

  5. Wish I could be there to play too!