Saturday, April 25, 2015

Show Off Saturday From Sew Can She!

It is very difficult to be organized all the time! These days, my organizing skills are hit or miss. I do have plastic see-through shoe boxes from Home Depot for my hand embroidery threads. They cost 99 cents last year. I also have those clear scrapbook cases from Michael's stacked to hold projects and various supplies that I use in my studio. Those I only purchase with a 50% off coupon or when they sometimes go on sale dirt cheap ($3.99). 

So needless to say, when I see projects that might work in a sewing room / studio, it catches my attention. One such case was a few minutes ago on Show Off Saturday, sponsored by Sew Can She. The maker of this little project is going to be posting a tutorial soon.

Also check out the Free Tutorial Archives at the top of the page on Sew Can Sew!

Here's my past post on Getting Organized.

Enjoy the project!


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  1. I made something similar to this last Christmas, only mine fit over a coffee mug. They certainly are handy to store little pieces of equipment.