Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yarns! and more yarns . . .

On my way back from Chicago, I had an overnight in Toronto. So last Monday, I took a cab from my hotel to Ronmi Wools on Queen Street West. This shop is a must visit if you are ever in downtown Toronto. Well, my purchases arrived today. The yarns are scrumptious!

You will notice that I have quite a number of reds with a blue tone. These are usually harder to find.
Have a look:

I just opened the box!

My selection of reds with a blue tone as well as pinks . . .

Can't you see the flowers in those clumps of colour?

More potential flowers?

For hand embroidery

For hand embroidery

More scrumptious yarns!


  1. I've been to Romni a couple of times and it's incredible. Looks like you scored, big time!!

  2. Gorgeous stash. I live in TO and I've been to Romni once. I guess yarns are not a must for me. Glad you found what you wanted.