Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hand Embroidery

Last summer I purchased a Bird Brain Designs embroidery pattern. I finally got around to doing it. I chose some tightly woven muslin for my base and, using a light box, traced the design onto the fabric with one of my Frixion pens by Pilot. When heat is applied, the marks disappear. Here's my stitching. The pattern suggested using a backstitch which I did. However, I think I would use a stem stitch if I did another one.

This may become a table topper or wall hanging. I haven't decided yet!

An adjustable magnifier with LED light.

Hoop, needle case and light to go around your neck.
This light is perfect for night time stitching as you can direct the beam.


  1. Lovely design and stitching.

  2. That looks lovely! But I adored your gadgets!I think I should look up some things like that as my eye sight is deteriorating.AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Judy, that really is an adorable stitching!

  4. Those little snowmen look like they're line dancing!