Sunday, April 12, 2015


Butterflies! Yes, it's about time to bring a bit of colour to the east coast of Canada. Why not flowers? Well, I found a blog hop (that's now over) about butterflies that you can still visit. The hop is mostly jewellery but I decided to do some extra searching for other butterfly related sites. Have fun and remember, I am not responsible for all the time you spend checking out these sites (GRIN)!!

Here they are by blog / website title:
I have lots more links but this should do for now. You just might find something to make for summer!

Red butterfly


  1. There is nothing like butterfly of two to make us THINK spring is here LOL. Thanks for sharing the link :)

  2. Not responsible? This is almost as bad as that rabbit hole called pinterest!!! I will be back for a more in-depth look when I have a little (lot!) more time.