Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Needle & Thread Network / Pinterest

Today I joined up with The Needle & Thread Network. It's the place to see what lots of Canadian bloggers are doing these days.

So far this year, I have managed to post every day! WOW!!! I didn't think I'd manage to do that. If you visit often, you will notice I'm not much for writing a lot of 'stuff'. I like to focus on the topic for the day. I also try to keep personal things out of my blog and just focus on my work and the work of others. Finding freebies and tutorials for most craft (quilting, embroidery, felting, sewing projects, knitting, some crochet), is like a game. I have 41 Pinterest boards and pin to it when I have a spare moment!

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments! I do try to reply to all comments when possible.

I forgot all about Linky Tuesday, Freemotion by the River, yesterday! There are lots more to see there.

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  1. Posting every day is a huge achievement! I think I do well if I manage two or three times a week.